Casey & Cameron

The 1st session of the year! This gorgeous couple was visiting NYC all the way from Missouri! It was suppose to be couple session but Cameron decided to propose during Christmas so it actually turned into engagement session.

Well, as we were talking, they both agreed that the proposal didn’t feel right so we decided to recreate it. Except I told Cameron to just hold the ring the whole time and when he does find a perfect moment, do it then.

As we were strolling through a Central Park, went down the stairs towards Bethesda fountain, there was a guy singing. Those of you that know Bethesda fountain especially on the weekends know that 95% of the time there is some kind of entertainment. Well, we put our stuff down to enjoy the music for a bit and of course I got them to dance. Just then the guy started singing John Legend “All of me”! And what better moment could there be? I don’t even know what he was telling her while he was proposing but seeing her cry and just feeling the whole moment with them, I actually cried with her! THAT definitely felt real, so mission accomplished!

I swear this was the most beautiful proposal I have ever witnessed!

I still get goose bumps just writing about it!

There are only two times I want to be with you. Now and Forever.
— Unknown